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One of the three ways to take part in the story is to become a leader of the campaign.


But what does "Become a leader" mean?

Participation of all the students in this campaign is very important. Some will want to be more involved...

These "leaders" will be invited to:

  • Create a team of four or more people to participate in a short video. The purpose of these videos is to raise awareness and encourage people to save and to give that amount to "our" hospital, Lacor. Every dollar counts!
  • Or to organize a team for a fundraising event to benefit the Foundation. All donations, large or small, collected at an event are invaluable for Lacor Hospital.
  • Or to promote the campaign to those around them. Some will work to increase the "Likes" on our Facebook page, others will decide to present the campaign to their schools to hold an event or to businesses for donations and sponsorships.

If you are interested in becoming a "leader" and to take part in the story, please contact us at (514) 253-1737.

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